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Default Re: Is this a crazy perspective?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
As odd as it sounds, i'm actually surprised more people aren't supportive of this idea. There is the obvious problem of figuring out how it would be regulated and by whom, but at the least the idea itself is a good one. If you automatically feel something can't work due to how our government operates today, then of course it seems like a bad idea. But lets assume this idea is just one step in the many steps we take to reshaping our world.

Creating life should not be an ability we take lightly. We abuse it the same way we abuse anything that comes easy in this world, to the point where it becomes a detriment to ourselves and others, as well as the only planet we can call home. This is what procreating has become, an abuse on others.

As much as people complain about welfare recipients and others not carrying their share of the load in this country or that country, i'd expect them to want to do anything to create a peaceful end to these problems. It seems most would rather we take away all the welfare and need of government and just have a wild west shoot out, as oppose to a solution where most of the population isn'r down trotted, depressed and hungry.

I could see if my idea was to limit it to certain races or something limited in that nature, but its not. People would just need to prove they are fit to be parents, guide and take care of their child. The majority of children born into the world today aren't born from parents that have the ability to care for the child, which results in a bad upbringing, in which the world around that individual suffers the consequences.

I'd love to neg you bad but it wouldn't be pegagogic.

We have a saying, it goes like "road to hell is built on well-intentions". Now you even admit you can see it as racist and wrong. That's a start.

You know the issue on abortion? And why it is an issue? Because there's no definitive say where's a killing of a baby and where it's a neccessary surgery. As well as there's no definition, when the human starts - at birth, at conception or somewhere in between.

Such issues exist for a quite some time now, and it's always a fight between the church, pro-lifers and those who say it's woman's right to choose (and also many others. They do exist for a reason, and one cannot say who's right and who's wrong. It's very relative and both sides have valid arguments for that. So... Yeah. Discussion about life/death is not to be taken lightly; the position we take is going to shape our society and life we're living. Thinking of side-effects of such discrimination is horrible enough, let alone the idea of letting somebody reproduce and forbidding somebody from doing it.
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