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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by Nick Young
kobe was right
Consider the kinds of perimeter players the Spurs are a perennial title threat with. Roger Mason? Something Green? I can't even remember any of their names. Many of them wouldn't make most teams' rosters. They have Matt Bonner start at C a lot of the time. And who is Kuwai Leonard, and why is he in the NBA, nevermind starting? They make it work because everyone feels like a superstar, or at least like something valuable, on the Spurs. Nobody feels like that on the Lakers, not even all-stars, and it's obvious whenever you watch the Lakers play that the only guys who have ever felt like good players who played with Kobe were Shaq and Derek Fisher (because he will never let anybody convince him that he's actually not very good. It's amazing really.)
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