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Default Re: MJ quotes: Can someone point me in the right direction

Originally Posted by Money 23
They're HILARIOUS and more witty comments than Kobe's Smush burns.

And they were SNITCHED to Sam Smith by Horace Grant.

MJ wasn't out there yelling this at reporters and blaming Brad Sellers or his next best player in the playoffs being a young, inexperienced and mentally fragile Scottie Pippen for not getting MVPs he DESERVED in '89 and '90.

He didn't throw Pippen under the bus in '93 for not playing up to his performance from the prior season, that's why their reg season record wasn't better and that's why he didn't get his MVP in 1993.

Nor did he blame Luc Longely, Jud Bucheler for being scrubs, as the reason he didn't get another deserved MVP in 1997.

And he certainly wasn't having to track down former scrubs in interviews to blast them after he won 6 rings, 5 MVPs, 6 FMVPs and after his legend had already been cemented in the history of the game.

That's called Insecurbe

But yes, find the quotes ... because they're hilarious.
If anything, you sound insecure. Jordan fanboys are worse then Kobetards. Someone ask for Jordan quotes, and you went into this whole biography on jordan career.

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