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Default Re: Week 6 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by niko
Listening to Brees talk, the Saints are done. He keeps saying how much they are unaffected by their coach not being there and the suspensions, etc. but he brings these things up unprompted, or if asked a question gives a ten minute speech on it. That team has a shit defense, and their team leader has completely psyched himself out with all the bounty stuff. He said this morning he doesn't pay any attention, but after he read through all the new information he detail he found the following strange, and proceded to list one by one. That team is DONE.

Their defense cannot stay this bad. They made strides at the end of their last game, if this defense even got to the point where they were a little below average, this team would be at least .500 right now.

That's how awful they are.

I believe they will be 9-7 to 10-6.
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