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Default Re: Lakers preseason games

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Huh, Didn't Avery also used the 6-2 Jason Terry and Devin Harris together when he was the coach in Dallas?
How many PGs and SGs right now have the ability to post up their defenders anyway?
Yes back then Payton, Mark Jackson, Cassell etc posted and backed down their defenders but now? not much IMO.
About Sacre, if the chances of him making it is low then what's the point?
I don't know, I just feel they were a bit slow out there with Sacre on the court. Just my opinion.

How many centers are fast??? Most championship winning centers were slow....with slower backups
Hell, Kareem wouldn't make it down the court unless called to join them.

If you put small guys in then you will see teams take advantage of it.....there is a REASON you don't see it much. We have no need to do just doesn't make any sense with our roster.
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