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Default Re: Concerned: Are we BIG enough?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
We are NOT talking about signing just some cheap dude out there.....that would be pointless. We are talking about a guy who can really play and play very well......and has proven himself in the NBA.

Use your head....don't make the same argument you made against Gerald Green last year......just because he hasn't signed elsewhere doesn't mean he can't play. He has been accused of a crime and that is likely scaring teams away from him.....He wants to win a maybe he turned down lesser teams too. We need him, he needs us........get it done Mitch!!!!!!

Let me focus on that very last line

We need him, he needs us......

I do not think we "need" him. So long as Jordan Hill can play, we will be fine. What the lakers have done in the past is they kept a roster spot open, just in case someone else out there gets cut, we can pick him up. If something heaven forbid happened to one of our big 3, we can then keep our options open.

Its just not too big of an issue....thats all im saying. We really really don't need him. We want him maybe, sure.
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