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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Trout had 3 insanely good months and 2 merely "good" months. Then in a tiny sample in at the end of Sept and October he started hitting incredibly well again. Who is to say that wasn't going to continue if the season went another 2 months? But why are we working with such arbitrary end points anyways?

Also, If Trout's "slump" is a very good .257/.380/.455 line (September) then it just tells you how incredibly good he was this year. Best player in the entire league by far this season.

Regressing as a rookie after everyone has seen you, I'll just use Tiger examples i.e. Galarraga-Shelton-Boesch, is different than a slump.

It's possible, and likely, that Trout is just a really good overall player who hits 270.

The fact you guys want to fight this in the face of a ton of history showing rookies taking a precipitous drop following one go-through the majors is hilarious. Trout is awesome, but he's not a 320 ba 400 obp offensive player. He hit 250 in September so I'm not sure what up turn you're talking about.
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