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Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
I don't call fouls (I play with my back to the basket, 75% on offense. I play like a big.) UNLESS, the dude is just racking me obviously, in order to get that b.tich to stop.


if its game point, and they fouled me and I miss. Shit is hilarious, I go the whole game not calling foul, when I'm clearly getting a LOT OF contact (I'm physical so, that helps) and at the end of the game, We are at game point and i miss? F.uck that. I'm calling it. lol

It's funny because that'd make it look like you were calling a weak foul at game point. haha.

I dunno, like I said. I still think calling fouls is wack. I think you're supposed to give the foul. I think, as I said in the NBA forum, the closer you get to the basket the more contact you should get.

I've never seen someone get upset by getting bumped when he was cutting or call a forearm on his side when he was driving. That's why I had to lay him out with a pick on a fast break. haha. It's like that's a foul young son.

I feel like I'm Dennis Rodman when I'm out there playing, even though I'm short. I'll check anyone. I am surprised I don't get in fights, but for the most part people accept my defense as solid and aggressive. Only 50 year old white guys get upset.

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