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Default Re: Lakers preseason games

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I never said Nash, Duhon and Blaker should play together. I said Steve (Blake) should be the SG.
A saw several teams the past few seasons using 2 small guards together INCLUDING your favorite coach Avery Johnson who played Williams and Farmar at the same time. There are small SGs who managed to stay in the league playing with PG's, guys like Ben Gordon, Jason Terry etc.
Besides, they have legalized the zone now so they can pack it in and prevent post ups, Gasol is so long and Howard is one of the best shot blockers in the league.
About Sacre, I don't think he's gonna last, what are the chances anyway that he can really help this squad? If Im wrong, then ill be glad Im wrong and Ill admit it.

did you not see last year playoffs? blake getting abused by Miller and then harden??? to an extent where he should just have quit playing basketball?

gosh people have short memories
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