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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Sakkreth
I don't really get this stress and pressure when playing sc2, are you planning to be a pro or something ? Just have a damn fun! I am in masters and I just play whenever I have time to and don't give a fck if my rank drops or not, I noticed that the more relaxed I am the better I play, especially managing to do way better multi tasking.

I play dota2 from time to time, but I couldn't ever follow it as spectator, it's to boring to watch for me, games are long. Starcraft tho is miles ahead of any esport for spectating.
In SC2, I really want to win and I like making the right moves. I'm really amateur (top of silver to bottom gold), but I did know a lot of the basics, builds, and matchup situations. When I rewatch my games, I always criticize myself such as "I should have positioned this squad over here" or "I should have expanded at this point". The stress is also from having to keep in mind of so many things such as worker count, scouting, timings, unit counters, etc.
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