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Default Re: At their peak - Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, and Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
No, Hill's highest MVP ranked year was 1997 where he was 3rd just like Penny was in 1996.

Hill wasn't even top 5 in MVP voting in 1999, don't know what you're talking about here.

We're talking peak here, best season and at their absolute best, who cares how long it lasted?

Plus, a large reason why Penny was 3rd in MVP voting was because of how much he stepped up when Shaq was out. The Penny needs Shaq argument is invalid.

Yes, Penny was pretty much McGrady before McGrady, more efficient, lesser volume, but similar overall.

I put a question mark because I wasn't sure which year it was. I personally think 99 was his best year though and that's why I used it. Worse APG but 4+ ppg more and better defense. Nobody seems to be factoring how much better of a defender Hill was than Penny BTW.
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