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Originally Posted by Carbine
Molina is one of the greatest defensive catchers ever, maybe as good as we've ever seen. Just because you aren't as good as he is, doesn't mean you aren't elite.

He's got a great arm, calls a great game, blocks the plate well. Posey has no holes.

Timmy didn't have a problem with Posey catching him when they won a world series. That has more to do with Lincecum and his struggles than anything else.

Posey & Trout are basically even as far as offensive value goes disregarding the positions they play. Trout has a super super slight edge.

When you factor in Posey playing catcher, a position league wide that has basically the worst offensive production out of everyone along with short stops, I think Posey's position value for his bat compared to Trouts makes them even as offensive players go.

Then factor in defense. I think Catchers are the most important defensive position on the field....and even though Posey isn't as good at defense at catcher as Trout is at center field, he's not far behind. I really do think Posey is a top five defensive catcher.

That's why I think Posey is very very close to Trout in terms of overall value he brings to a team, this year and going forward.
Going forward he may have an argument of being on Trout's level, but this year I just think him only starting 111 games at catcher and 29 at first base takes away from some of his argument. It wasn't just Timmy that wasn't comfortbale but Zito as well. Two of the five starts not feeling comfortable with him catching counts for something, regardless of whose fault it is. Trout was regarded by many as the best defensive player in the league this season, while Posey while being very good is still behind the likes of Molina, Wieters, Ruiz.

I guess I might just be nitpicking, but I think THIS year solely Trout was on a higher level in terms of value. As Posey continues though I can definitely see him up there.
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