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Default Re: Preparation for High School Ball

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Grabbing an offensive rebound off a free throw is something I can't remember ever doing in a competitive game. Maybe part of it is mental that I'm not expected to grab one because I don't have inside position but next game I'll push myself to try and get every rebound possible.

Like I said, whoever wants it more WILL get it. Plus it's a good opportunity to get an extra basket or foul since you're so close to the basket and there'll be no set D, and even if you don't you're still getting an extra possession.

Oh, and what time do your classes start? I used to be a late sleeper in high school, but I started sleeping early and waking up early now that I'm in college too (I seem to have it backwards here), but I find I'm more productive and overall more energetic. Waking up early to finish some school work doesn't seem like cramming if you really have the time and routine down.
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