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Default Re: Will it be a tragedy if Romney is elected and is given credit for a econmic recover

Originally Posted by joe
It's a myth that Hoover was a laissez-faire guy, and it befuddles me that people actually believe it. As President, Hoover himself didn't even pretend to be a market supporter. But nowadays he gets that label. It makes no sense.

Does this sound like a free market guy to you? From Hoover himself:

Read this great article from historian/economist Murray Rothbard on the Herbert Hoover administration. You'll learn more reading this article than you did in all of 8th grade social studies, I'd wager:

I want you to point out to me where in that article it tells of one action of Hoover after 1929 where he went against laissez-faire in any important way. All i see is the writer bashing Hoover for being pro-labor during the 1920-1921 crisis.

Also, that is a pretty biased article, he quotes Hoover as being responsible for a plan on public works presented by a governor when there is no direct proof of it.

The article pretty much just try to prove that Hoover was not in favour of laissez-faire because of what he did before the Great Depression but shows no shred of evidence of that during his term as president in 1929-1932.

By the way the quote you used in your post was made during his bid for reelection when presidents will say anything they need to get reelected. If he had indeed done so much than the election probably wouldn't be so one-sided.
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