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Default Re: Ever feel like you need a religion?

Nobody needs a religion.

But as people grow they and ask themselves a few questions, they absolutely need these to become "self-actualized" so to speak

- A sense of community. Your loved ones and the ones you interact with fo rmutual trade, your most fulfilling relationships.. the 150 or so people that have the mos timpact towards you and vice versa.
- A clear-cut purpose and identity. Who you are and what you do.
- Something to die for. What you stand for.
- Something to believe in. What you hold in higher esteem than yourself.
- A Code of honor. Again what you stand for.
- A certain outlook on life (your framework behind how the world works more or less) What you know and the application of what you know.

It just so happens that the monotheistic religions (from my understanding) cover all of these extensively.

But you can just as well,
be a hero in your neck of the woods, live wholly completely, find someone or some idea to die for, believe in whatever you want be it nihilism, communism, or clear cut empiricism logic, an assortment of principles that are negotiable and guide you, and certain epiphanies on life, civilization, human nature, society, the hows and the whys.

Otherwise you feel lost.. like a boy or a woman.

I don't know about you guys, but I've tried the route of denying everything and living in a purely Machiavellian sense + an ego death and just adjusting/adapting to whatever comes my way with no sense of self.

It feels.. hollow not having an ego. But at the same time you can't be phased.
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