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Default Re: Clippers vs Heat 9:30 pm PST CP3's Return

Originally Posted by PyrrhusX
CF86, what are your toughts on DeAndre btw? Do you think he can improve this year to justify his contract?

And after another great performance by Bledsoe are you, as a Clippers fan, open to the idea of letting CP3 leave/get traded? It could leave more money on the table, and Bledsoe has showed some good stuff so far but this will ofc depend on how he shapes up when the season begins...

Not being nasty, just curious.

DJ looks amazingly improved in the paint BUT unfortunately he worked on the wrong things. I want him to work on free throws and staying on the ground defensively, not Hakeem post moves. So he seems like he's on pace to make his contract seem worth it with his improvements but I'd rather him focus on other things.

As for Bledsoe... ideally the next coach of the Clippers will see what kind of a force he is and start him at SG. Chauncey will be a bench player or on another team and Bledsoe will start at SG if we hire a smart coach. At worst I'd love to see Bledsoe as our amazing 6th man for the next decade. So no I wouldn't be open to seeing CP3 walk although with Bledsoe I'm not terrified about him leaving because I know Bledsoe has serious potential.
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