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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
To be honest, this is exactly my opinion too.

Rapsfan, if you want the league to be more even, we could draft according to previous season final standing. The last team drafts the first in every round. Like real NBA.

Not overly worried making it even or not. The reason last place doesn't get the 1st pick is because of keepers. The top teams most likely have top players, so in that case you would have gotten Chris Paul with last pick of 1st then had the 1st pick in the 2nd round. Arguably an advantage. Because of keepers you have to randomize. The nba also 'keeps' the majority of their roster so the Heat drafting last, in 2 rounds makes sense. Not so in our league.

Keepers are based on draft position, so you could also argue undrafted guys cannot be kept. So 11 th round, which I think is too liberal, will be how we do it.

The league has 52 keepers which I think is too many.
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