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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Yes, but I meant the team that finished in last positioin selects the first in EVERY round.

I rather think that it would be better a more even league because right now you need so many point to win the league. You have to be very good in every category. So you draft DHoward or Blake Griffin (sorry, beastnani) and you are almost done.

I know you mean that. But in the real nba, team like Miami gets last pick in 2 rounds, not 13, and their roster does change much except for free agency. They are also drafting guys that probably don't make their roster. I understand your point, but trying to mimic the real nba just doesn't work unless we are keeping 10 + guys a year.

League is fine, just too many keepers. GMs in this , like the real nba, can make whatever roster decision they like.
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