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Originally Posted by GothamKnight
What's the USA roster look like

Training camp roster:

G-Chris Paul
G-Chauncey Billups (not playing in 2006 WC)
G-Dwyane Wade
G-Gilbert Arenas
G-Luke Ridnour
G-Michael Redd (not playing in 2006 WC)
G-JJ Redick
G-Joe Johnson
G-Kobe Bryant
F-Lebron James
F-Paul Pierce
F-Carmelo Anthony
F-Adam Morrison
F-Shane Battier
F-Bruce Bowen
F-Shawn Marion
F-Antawn Jamison
F-Lamar Odom
F-Dwight Howard
F-Chris Bosh
F-Elton Brand
F-Amare Stoudemire (not playing in 2006 WC)
C-Brad Miller
C-Greg Oden
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