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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Well firstly, I find it hard to believe we'll have all of those guys available all season. I dont expect anything out of Sheed, Thomas or Prigioni really. Jr will b JR..the good and the bad. Kidd is washed up to me. But most importantly, I think the league has figured Novak out. He wont be sneaking up on anyone. He's 1 dimensional and plays ZERO defense.
Prigioni looked pretty good so far. He's an experienced veteran,starter for the Argentinian basketball team. Guy can play and is probably the best 3rd PG in the league.
Novak will still be useful. There are only a few elite defensive teams that can close out so fast and stop him (Heat,Celtics and few others) but against other 20-25 teams he'll get his. Especially against the teams like Wizards which will give him a lot of open looks.

Originally Posted by franchize
Mickeal Pietrus and Kenyon Martin don't have jobs. I certainly think they are better than the invites..especially Pietrus. He's very versatile and gives us a weapon vs the Heat.
Everyone is better than our training camp invitees. I think Clyde is still better than those guys
I would like us to sign both Pietrus and K-Mart. They can still play.
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