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Default Re: Should the government cut entitlements?

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Seeing how you're a massive right wing blowhard I guess the entitlements you are referring to is shit like welfare and food stamps.

The best post in this thread thus far is Nanners, as I think he pretty much nailed a middle of the road responsible view on the issue, but just for fun, lets placate your idea and stop helping the poor because some people abuse the system and it has become too costly (I am am of course going to ignore all the other spending the government does, some of which Nanners touched on, to humor you).

So now the poor get nothing, great, they will all go become entrepreneurs and make millions, or maybe they will get off their lazy ass and work at McDonald's.

Doesn't really solve much for government spending as crime will increase, therefore policing costs will go up. A sharp spike in crime will lead to less money flowing and less earners earning (less tourism, less people being mobile, checking out new things etc...).

People will get sick more often, and with no healthcare they are going to wind up clogging ERs throughout the country costing the government likely more than they would if these people could have used their healthcare they don't have and caught their ailments earlier in the process.

The housing market will sink as many neighborhoods become worse off and more dangerous, and with lower income people unable to get a mortgage everyone who invested in real estate will continue to suffer and the current market will stay depressed longer. Not to mention the fact their will be less people making rent, and with less renters even more wealthy people will lose out on their investments and the real estate market will further depress.

The problem with the right as they are currently viewing the world is that they focus on the minutia of happenstance which supports their point of view rather than examining the mountain of evidence that may contradict it.

Spending is too high, but blanket cuts need to be made across the board and taxes need to go up where they can be supported. If you aren't rich and you vote Republican you are basically a rube who bought into someone else's BS.

People can talk about Obamabots all day and their may be some truth to the bandwagon effect, but to do that and then go on spewing the nonsense that is coming out of the right wing Super Pacs? C'mon man, spare us all the annoyance.

Mitt Romney isn't dumb and the right has many good ideas, but the trouble is promoting the best plan would lie too close to where the current regime stands and that doesn't bode well for the goals of the Super Pacs.

So what happens? They spoon feed their base a mealy mixture of patriotism, manhood, and self-reliance, and like drones the base repeats the talking points while they sit in their home, curtains drawn, in the comfort of their warm, wet diaper as the reassuring words of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly help them end their day.

The OP is one of these people, and he got played.

The truth is in the middle, everyone sees, but neither party wants people to see it, that is their plan, and people like the OP are pawns.

I'm a moderate Republican. It was hard for me to read this bullshit. Contrary to modern myth, there was not a hoard of people just dying and starving before welfare. Charity and private unemployment insurance and associations like lodges all addressed the need. When welfare was created though the insurance and lodger were crowded out and charity shrank. Shit now...if welfare went away it would be a big mess.
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