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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
no real problem with that. UF has proven a lot compared to oregon's schedule. but man, kansas state sure did get one helluva boost for upsetting oklahoma. it'll all get sorted out. they'll lose at some point. i also think gators lose to SC this week. they're about to get clowney'd. six SEC teams in the top 15, whoa

I've no problem with it either. Hopefully Kstate goes down to West Virginia next week in Morgantown. Florida/SCeast play next week so either Florida goes down or the Gamecocks get eliminated. Works for me.

OU gets Notredame in two weeks so we can knock them out of it and gain some ground. Alabama/LSU still have to play so either Alabama goes down or LSU gets eliminated. Oregon/Oregon State same scenario, though I hope Oregon loses to the Sun devils next week (doubtful I know).
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