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Default Re: Predict Kobe's FG% this year

I'm not sure Nash will change Kobe's FG% much. Kobe isn't the type of player whose going to benefit much from a point guard. He's always been a guy who prefers to create his own shot and in general, players who are more finishers, particularly big men like Tyson Chandler for example are guys who benefit more from great passing point guards. I'd say Dwight, and perhaps Gasol to a lesser extent may benefit. But we're not going to see Phoenix Steve Nash. He's not going to have the ball in his hands at all times in a system that maximizes his strengths. Nash can definitely help this team a lot for a variety of reasons, but I doubt we'll see him average double figure assists or make the all-star team.

Anyway, I see Kobe averaging about 24/5/4, 44 FG%.

Originally Posted by AirTupac
People don't realize how many times Kobe had to take bailout shots because the offense was so stagnant. The team would waste time and give it to Kobe last second to pull off a miracle.

I blame Mike Brown for some of their offensive struggles, but some of those bailout shots were Kobe's fault. He dribbled and held the ball quite a bit last year. He has to make quicker, more decisive moves, imo, especially with all of the offensive talent on this team.

Originally Posted by Pointguard
He has to leave his instinctive game to make the team work. Kobe got used to teams being built around him so this will be different and kind of mess with his concentration a bit. Kobe is still the scorer on this team but he has to be decoy and facilitator as well. So he has to fight old habits of being the man, while letting DH be the man, still Kobe will actually have to be the man, cause he's still the finisher. Yeah, its complicated for Kobe.

Good post, I agree with a lot of this. There are arguments for both Kobe and Dwight to be the first option. Kobe can get his shot from anywhere whenever he wants and makes his free throws, but Dwight will get more high percentage shots, be a lot more efficient and has the physical presence that will get teams into foul trouble. Especially if we see 2011 Dwight. Actually, Dwight's improved passing out of double teams last year makes him a more attractive offensive option, but he has to at least his FT% up to his usual 59-60%. He's not dominant enough to really get away with shooting below 50% like he did last season. What's funny is that you can still make a case than Gasol deserves to be more featured in the offense than Dwight, but after seeing Brown make Gasol the 3rd option in favor of an inferior offensive player Bynum, we know that won't come into play.

Anyway, Kobe will be the first option for at least this year. That's obvious, but who should be the first option is up for debate.

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