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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by BankShot
I've said it once, but I'll say it again.

Its really funny how people complain about the 2k company, and the state of basketball-simulation console games, in terms of relatively miniscule and unimportant minutiae that are barely part of the overall enjoyability of the game.

2k13 is definitely the best NBA game to date.... when considering the depth, aesthetics, controls, and rosters of today and the past. Don't bring up some 2k game made 9 years ago... it was awesome for the time, but completely obsolete in the 360/PS3/PC world where we want to control players that were born after 1988.

This game is great, and in the big picture its silly to complain about and refuse to purchase and enjoy because of the current exclusion of certain 2nd rounders and Euro players (which obviously will be fixed soon enough) and the improper roster placement of nobody's like Josh McRoberts.

I get that we all want perfection, and I do understand this is the internet where nothing is perfect and everyone has a complaint about everything... but come the f*ck on. This game is pretty cool. 2008-you would be in awe.

Too be honest, yes I am nitpicking for no real reason, but I genuinely believe that most people only speak of this game and older NBA 2k games so highly because of having no competition against it.

If NBA Live was still alive and strong like it was years ago this game would not be rated anywhere near as high as it is. 2k is on the right path at the moment though.
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