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Default Re: Who here is afraid of heights? (Crazy vid, hypothetical scenario discussion!)

Originally Posted by EnoughSaid
I'm scared of heights, but I go on those 300+ rides at the amusement parks and what not. If I had guaranteed protection and a parachute on my back, yeah I'd do it.
okay - with safety gear i'd probably attempt it for less than 100,000 dollars let alone 1 billion - but how bout the scenario of the OP? (far more life endangering);

Nothing but the equipment they used in the video... ; free climbing, no ropes or safety harnesses - nothing but a hard hat on your head and construction gloves, and a waist clip to clip onto something if you want to take a stationary rest, and you have to lug that 30lb bucket of swaying tools dangling below your feet to the top because your job is to change the light bulb once up there
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