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Default Re: Who here is afraid of heights? (Crazy vid, hypothetical scenario discussion!)

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
So even for a new car you wouldn't ride a rollercoaster? What would it take to get you to go on a rollercoaster?

I'm somewhat afraid of rollercoasters too, but hell... for a used car i'd probably ride any rollercoaster ever made... and i'd be sure it was filmed so i could upload my hilarious terrified reaction - the one thing about rollercoasters is no matter how scary I at least know they are safe - free climbing a 1,700 foot tower no thicker than your leg with no ropes or safety gear doesn't appear to be safe to me knowing that I get vertigo so that's why it would take an outragious amount of value for me to attempt it, it's basically how much do I think my life is worth

it would take a slow coaster, lol.
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