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Default Re: At their peak - Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, and Scottie Pippen

Originally Posted by The Mamba
Hill and Penny never reached their peak due to injury, though.

Grant was 28 and 7 years in when the ankle injury came. For all purposes he was maybe a year into his peak. Penny's last really great year was 96, at 25 with 3 seasons under his belt. Which, when you think about it is pretty crazy because Penny after 3 seasons played with the poise of a 7 year veteran.

People talk about how we were robbed of seeing prime Grant and Penny; at least with Hill we got 7 good years out of him. We could see where his career was headed. We were TRULY robbed in Penny's case, we never got to see him at 28, healthy and at his skills/athleticism/mental peak. Even in 3 seasons, at the best we saw of him he was at least on the level of Hill and I believe had injuries not derailed both, Hardaway would have proven himself the more dominant player. Yeah Hill had the triple doubles and all that, but I think Penny could do more with less. As stated before, look at the Magic's record without Shaq and a healthy Penny, they barely skipped a beat.
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