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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

Originally Posted by RazorBaLade
account for the years with the shorter line
It wasn't that major of a difference in distance. Not enough to account for increased percentage. It was literally the length of a ruler in difference.

You can't just "take into account the shorter line" because MJ's skill as a shooter from distance got better year after year. It merely happened to coincide with a shorter line from 3 in '95, '96, and '97.

By the way, the actual reason for the slight shortening of the line was an attempt to try to eliminate lane congestion. Not for people to have an easier time making 3 point baskets. Then they re-increased it back to original distance to keep defenders from having an easier time doubling players on the block.

He started shooting 38% from 3 point land in 1990, the same season I believe he was in the three point contest (although performed badly)

Shot 35% from 3 point land in 1993, the season before his retirement.

So this myth that MJ was a terrible 3 point shooter, is just that. A myth. That's wasn't his game to hoist low percentage shots, but if given to him, he could still hurt you from deep.

I think it speaks more to the intelligence of a player anyway, to not give the defense an easy time by shooting low percentage shots.
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