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Default Re: Help the Internet make Joe Biden's TransAm Meme come true!!

Wow! Over $7,000 dollars raised already!

Pitch in and spread the word!

Here are other sites (news and otherwise) where it's been mentioned! h elp-buy-a-trans-am-for-joe-biden-2448706.html o e-biden-a-transam r ansam.html 8 9/ h p n et-wants-to-buy-joe-biden-a-trans-am-for-charity/55756/page1/ - buy-a-trans-am-for-joe-biden e -Biden-a-Trans-Am-13112973/1
http://military.pagannewswirecollect...iden-trans-am/ - vp-trans-192630243.html o st_awesome_indigogo_ever/ 6 0 T rans-Am&p=380950 r aising-money-to-buy-vp-a-trans-am a ns-am-for-real-and-for-charity/ s -am/ f or-joe-biden.html i rd 1 4-10-2012_pg9_5 j oe-biden-a-trans-am i denator-a-trans-am/ v p-a-trans-am l u y-a-trans-am-for-joe-biden/71ta/ o ney+buy+VP+Trans
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