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Default Re: Nutrition Question

The two major factors I can think up of, at t his moment, are
- availability of nutrient through its form
- and any other inhibitory ingredients within the food.

Otherwise they'd be the same.

Intuition would tell you that the potassium from a fruit

One of the reasons whole grains are criticized for is because they possess phytates which are "anti-nutirents'

Calcium and zinc don't cooperate
Copper and zinc don't cooperate
B vitamins require water to work
A/K/D need FAT to work
Trypsin (something in raw sweet potatoes) inhibit protein digestion


so if the funnyuns had an ingredient that were an antagonist to K than it wouldn't be so grand.

Also, most multivitamins are useless because the
cyanocobalmain (very very inefficient source of B12) vs (methylcobalamin) a highly potent one in the more expensive quality multis.
Zinc oxide/magnesium oxide vs. chelated zinc/chelated magensium.
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