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Default Re: Predict Kobe's FG% this year

Originally Posted by Vertical-24
And although much younger and in his prime, he was able to accomadate Shaq (who was better) and still get his. Back then, he was young and had a passion to prove himself. Now, he has nothing to prove and although he is an instinctive scorer...he's proven that he can adjust.

With Steve Nash helping to ease ball-handling, playmaking pressure and hopefully creating many more easy shots for Kobe, we should probably see his fg% inflate a bit from last season. Not to mention the extra attention that Dwight will draw that can help Kobe's spacing for better shot attempts as well.
I fully understand what you're saying though, I just don't believe his fg% will be anywhere near as bad as people are predicting. I believe quite the opposite. Black Mamba will be returning this season. I can almost guarantee it.

thats why i have him at 47% or 48%

maybe even 50%
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