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Default Re: Concerned: Are we BIG enough?

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
I realize we are loaded with talent and experience... well done Mitch!!!


our last two rings were primarily because of the combination of KB
and our THREE BIGS (Pau, Drew, Lamar)... that was an amazing front
line rotation...

I know Pau and Dwight will play most of the minutes, but my question
is whether or not Hill and Sacre are equal to Lamar's contribution?

I started thinking about this when looking at BOS's lineup... (hoping they
can beat MIA (my least fav team))..... they have:

Bass 6'8"
Colins 7'
Garnett 6' 11"
Melo 7'
Millicic 7'
Sullinger 6'9"
Wilcox 6' 10"
Green 6' 9"

That's a lot of frickin' BIGS!!! with 6 fouls each... they could put
us on the line all night......

Wouldn't another talented C or PF really help us?

just thinking out loud.....

we need to worry about Miami/OKC than worrying about the celtics...I am concerned if we have enough perimeter guys to guard lebron/wade...durant/harden/westbrook
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