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Default Re: Predict Kobe's FG% this year

Originally Posted by NLZ
Duncan 50% career and he's best PF ever?

FG %

You guys are hilarious with your FG % comments, seriously it doesn't matter.
There's like 15 active players with higher career FG % than Duncan yet it doesn't mean a single thing. James Harden shot higher % last season than Kobe ever did, doesn't mean anything. Deron Williams shot what, 35% last 2 seasons combined with the Nets? Apparently he's useless..

Good point. Though efficiency is highly important, it has been used much more commonly by Kobe and Iverson detractors to discredit their scoring prowess than it ever was in the 80s and 90s. Extremely similar to how this whole notion of "winning as the man" became the calling cry of Jordan fans and those whom dislike Kobe alike when the Lakers won three rings and Kobe's elite performances garnered media comparisons to MJ. I almost never heard that argument used in relation to Magic and Kareem in the 80s for instance, as it was conceived that a productive player's impact was highly valued for a championship team. But we as fans got sucked into the individualistic perceptive analysis of teams after the Jordan-era, and thus became prone to using it as a definitive measuring stick of a player's greatness, instead of a contextual one.

Anyway, like you said, efficiency is at times over-valued. It's all in context. Is the player's shooting negatively impacting the team's concepts? Or, is the shooting well within the scope of successful operation for the team?
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