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Default Re: Should the government cut entitlements?

Originally Posted by bmulls
And you're naive as fck. You think the US has a big military cuz we like swinging our ***** around for no reason? That we could just cut the military in half and remain a world super power? Our military strength is the primary reason we are an economic superpower. Your liberal fantasy land is nothing like the real world son.

i agree that our military needs to stay strong, even if nation power is judged by who has nukes and who doesn't these days. when we move battle ships and cruisers into territories with disputes it sends a clear message, and nations have to back off. nobody is realistically going to use nukes unless its a very last resort in desperation. military might is just as important as economic power, if not more arguably. we just need to stop occupying and nation building, and start bombing/droning governments that want to take advantage of our weak economy, and anti war sentiment. that said they should cut some from military spending, just not too much.
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