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Default Re: The NFC North is the best division in football.

I can't really argue this thread topic at this point.

Watching football this weekend had me thinking, "The Lions are pretty much the worst team in the NFC North."

What did they do? Come back and defeat Philly IN Philly

NFC East best team atm: NY Giants
NFC North best team atm: toss up between CHI and GB

NFC East WORST team: Dallas Cowboys
NFC North worst team: Detroit Lions (mainly cuz of defense)

Giants > CHI and GB right now cuz more balanced

Lions > Dallas

Lions have offense playmakers that can win them a game when it counts, the Cowboys simply do not.

While the East has the best team in all the divisions, more even and parity in the NFC North.

I'll succumb to calling them the best division in football top to bottom AT THIS MOMENT if Stafford and Calvin are part of the worst team in the division.
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