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Default Re: The NFC North is the best division in football.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
If Cleveland could ever get their shit together and elevate into a consistent 7-9 to 9-7 somewhere in that range team on average making the post season here and there, then me believes easily AFC North would reign supreme most year-after-year. Egh, we're unfortunately talking about the Browns here.

Sry Charlie (Brown) CLE is the most snake-bitten sports town in America. I've always hoped that the Browns would at least evolve and be 'decent'. It simply has not happened.

I had hope that the Joe Thomas-Brady Quinn-Braylon Edwards core a few years ago could be formidable and Quinn/Edwards turned out to be busts in the long haul.

Weeden is smart and accurate and I love Trent Rich but I don't see them overtaking PIT BAL or CIN in the next three years
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