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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
the championship run was great JKidd was on the decline then. Obviously some of you didnt watch this dude last year. the guy was a stiff. He just hung out on the perimeter. His most effective play was getting steals through the passing lane. He didnt shoot particularly well and couldnt penetrate. He has absolutely no ability to play laterally.

Rodrigue Beaubois and Delonte West were better than Kidd last year especially Beaubois.

Now comparing him to Toney Douglas is off base and irrelevant. Picking between 2 evils is still evil. Is there a level of ineptitude that TD exhibited granted but bringing in Kidd still isnt a great move.

I was on board with JKidd if he was going to teach Lin.

As you watch this guy play you will see he can not play the position effectively.

This is not Steve Nash who can still play with no hinderance of mobility, setting up the team, shooting etc....

I cant see this guy playing more than 15 - 18 minutes a game. This guy still thinks he's a starter is ridiculous. This 4th quarter business is insulting. I am not a super supporter of Felton but unless he is the reason the team isnt getting it done in the 4th quarter then make a change but before a practice takes place this is what Kidd wants and Woodson wants is IDIOTIC. This is what pisses me off the most about Kidd and Woodson.

God forbid if Felton gets hurt and this KRUST has to play major minutes. It will be disgusting. At least Pablo still can move I rather see him get those minutes if he can prove to be effective.

Hey man...I can't disagree with any of your points really. My issue is, when I brought this up BEFORE we got Kidd, when it was just a rumor, everyone said I was crazy. I didn't like the signing whether we kept Lin or not. This isnt the NFL. PG's don't hold clipboards and get groomed. All that ends up happening is the old guy starts trying to prove he's still capable. Then, once the young guy has a few bad games, the coach wants to go to old faithful.

Kidd won't make a bunch of mistakes but he also doesn't create any plays. My dad broke down some stats and did some math. Jason Kidd averaged ONE 2 point field goal per game. That's ONE shot inside the arc. ONE! Which means he's not penetrating and dishing...his claim to fame. He's not causing the defense to shift. He's not putting pressure on his man or the help. Wasn't our biggest problem stagnant offense and guys just parking around the 3 point line? I'm sorry. I have to agree with Rameek on this one. It's one thing if the guy was a vet min player. Kidd makes about the same if not more than Felton...over 3 years. That's just not being a responsible GM. Bottom line is, Glen Grunwald repeatedly took the easy way out this summer and I hope it doesn't bite us in the ass. I too am no Felton fan but Raymond Felton needs to be the starting PG for the New York Knicks and he should be getting the lion share of the minutes...including the 4th quarter.
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