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Default Re: Walking Dead this Sunday

Originally Posted by bluechox2
also, T-DOgg needs a **** mate, everyone else has one...even daryls been hitting that old bag...and carls been itching at the younger daughter

i wonder what they with do with thos prison inmates... lock them up? i wouldnt trust my pple near them

this episode had some good action, none of those 10 minutes each talking seasons of how blue the sky was

also, how does getting bitten accelerate you to zombie mode when your already infected?...or does getting bitten kills you first?

i think everyone saw that coming when it zoomed in on the zombie and hershel putting his foot between its legs...dumb ****

I've been trying to figure that out for awhile. What's the age difference between the 2 of them? I thought the blonde was a good 10 years older than Carl but the more I look at her the younger she actually looks. Carl looks like he got a lot older this season. Glad to see him man up and actually use a gun
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