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Default Re: Should the Raptors have drafted Andre Drummond?

Originally Posted by Jballer
1) That is the plan - but frankly having both and pushing to see which develops is the better move. Having too much young upside is never an issue when you are 5th best in the Atlantic.

Further despite the rose colored glasses that a "lot of Raptors Fans" on this board are wearing... I am not convinced that Val is a sure thing - and that Drummond might be the better player in 3 years !!! Honestly I dont know - but at least I am willing to admit it.

For every Vlady Divac or Sabonis (*spelling Portland Russian Center and damn near hall of famer) - there is a Darko or Bierdens.

I hope and trust the scouting is right cause I am a fan. I wont bet my house on it.

2) Preseason and summer leagues are not regular season - I grant you that. However if teams show early chemistry that does mean something. Especially 2nd units. I agree however that Drummond performance in this one game is not the issue - the reason to have selected him are frankly obvious.

3) As above. It is "at best" a crap shoot in judging :

Drummond > Val or visa versa
Jeremy Lamb > Ross or visa versa.

I really dont know but in 3 years I could easily project or see the Raptors on the loosing side of those equations just as easy as the winning side.

Andre Drummond isn't even close to the player Valancuinas is at moment, and Val will be the better player than Biedrins and Darko, its not even a crapshoot. Why?

1) Val can shoot a free throw and Drummond, Biedrins, and Darko still can't shoot a free throw.
2) Val has already established himself as a productive pro player. Playing at a professional level with professional men. Drummond could barely play against guys his own age.
3) Val from his age up has been the best player at his age. As for Drummond, I'm not sure you can say the same thing.

Drummond is still raw and everyone is freaking out that hes getting 19 and 10 but first off you can play hack a Drummond which will easily keep him off the court and secondly he's got no post game, hes mainly putbacks and dunks. Yeah he has potential and Colangelo may have f*cked up, but whose to say Drummond isn't the next Kwame Brown?
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