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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Rameek, if you're basing this off last season, then Melo should give back 80% of his check and Amare should not have been paid at all.

Felton was fat as hell, Dirk shot was off, injuries galore all over the league.

And no way did Lin earn his deal for only 1/3 of a season.

But this rationale is poor, the lockout affected the entire league.

If you are cool with Kidd being here to mentor Lin, then you're setting a double standard because Kidd was still gonna play and if Lin got injured....then what?

Kidd is fine in a backup role.
Hey I didnt say anything about who should be paid or not....

I said he could teach Lin how to be a PG.... I never said he should play major minutes.

Like I said Kidd still thinks he's a starter and he feels he should be in the game for the 4th quarter which Woodson agreed with it. Thats ratchett.

This is not poor rationale.... I beg to differ when a 40 yr old PG that cant play effectively and who was even in decline during the championship run and the next season is further evidence of a decline. A strike shortened season wont make this guy 6 years younger and he isnt going to get better a year older......

Watch him play over a few games... You will see that he can not penetrate, he can not move side to side, and he cant shoot. If you are good with that as a back up fine.

My issue is he cant play well and his ego is ridiculous. By Woodson's words he is feeding into it.

If he is only a 15 minute player fine but to expect him to be more and contribute on the floor is nuts.

We have Sheed, Thomas, Kidd with recognizable names but are stiffs. If people want to call them talented players based on the names fine. Watch these guys and how they move. Pablo I still reserve the right to watch him for a while.
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