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Default Re: Should the government cut entitlements?

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
Here's my thinking. In general I'm socially libratarian but economically I'm very conservative and think taxes should be as low as possible and that there should be as few entitlements as reasonably possible. The problem is we can't afford a tax cut right now and honestly they need to go up a little. The thing is, the republicans can't claim to want a balanced budget but cut taxes and never really cut spending at the same time.

In theory the democrats are for bigger government and more taxes as well as services while the republicans are for smaller govt and smaller taxes and fewer services. The problem is reality has turned into republicans spending a ton and not cutting taxes while democrats spend even more and don't raise taxes enough to pay for it. Our debt is a problem and a huge weakness. We need to start working on fixing it and at this point raising taxes is part of the way that we are going to do that.

you can't just cut everything in a down economy when people are already hurting, it puts a lot of people into desperate circumstances. thats why both parties are spending more than they regularly would, and thats why Independents like Ron Paul would completely fukk us because they want us to take a huge hit at once to try to fix everything which is dumb.

they wanted to put us into a Depression by letting everything fail at the same time and wreck our economy rather than us spending/lending to keep the economy from sinking, and they also wanted us to not pay our debts by not raising the debt ceiling which would have had worse effects on our credit rating than the threat of it did with the downgraded rating. Democrats wouldn't be spending as much as they are now if the economy weren't so down. a lot of that spending was to create jobs, stimulate the economy, etc.

its just a lot more intelligent to get back to cutting and paying off our debt when our economy is back on its feet to some degree. people are naive to think big companies employing thousands spring up over night or thinking we can just pull ourselves out of a deeper ditch, and it not being much different than a shallower one. it'd be MUCH worse in a deeper economic hole we're in.

the other thing that makes me laugh about Ron Paul is his expectations of communities to come together and help each other out to make up for lack of government services/programs in a every man for himself environment that he wants to create. you look at any community that he's describing that helps one another, and they're all socialist to some degree. community is not fostered thru capitalist ideals, selfishness is.

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