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Default Re: Should the Raptors have drafted Andre Drummond?

Originally Posted by kmart
Andre Drummond isn't even close to the player Valancuinas is at moment, and Val will be the better player than Biedrins and Darko, its not even a crapshoot. Why?

1) Val can shoot a free throw and Drummond, Biedrins, and Darko still can't shoot a free throw.
2) Val has already established himself as a productive pro player. Playing at a professional level with professional men. Drummond could barely play against guys his own age.
3) Val from his age up has been the best player at his age. As for Drummond, I'm not sure you can say the same thing.

Drummond is still raw and everyone is freaking out that hes getting 19 and 10 but first off you can play hack a Drummond which will easily keep him off the court and secondly he's got no post game, hes mainly putbacks and dunks. Yeah he has potential and Colangelo may have f*cked up, but whose to say Drummond isn't the next Kwame Brown?

Drummond could be a Kwame.. I admit that freely. As i said I simply dont know right now...

On your other points I am mixed.

1)Yes Val can shoot the FT. Lets see if his physical style from international ball and euro league transfers well. Lets hope he "gets to the line" instead of being called for the foul - o or d... I am not the only one that has noted this as a concern.

2) Purely subjective.
Look Val has a very good track record in international ball... but in our most recent sample called the Olympics - got very few minutes relative to other NBA players on the court.

3) Drummond was once projected as number 1 overall and the McDonalds highschool number 1 in the nation or some damn thing like that. Again subjective...based on other opinions.

I think Val will be a good player - do not over emphaisize my negative comments.

I am saying picking Drummond was the right pick for a variety of reasons - and putting all our eggs in the Jonas V basket does not mitigate the wrong pick.
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