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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by BurningHammer

I hope TNA will have some good explanations, either for JH himself or other authorities.

BTW, Vince sure loves RyBack.

You know Vince loves the roided up looking muscle heads. How many has he tried to push as monsters over the years that the fans wouldnt react to at all? (Ezekial Jackson, Mason Ryan etc). He FINALLY found one that fans love...Ryback is getting pushed to the damn moon

Seriously tho WWE underestimates the power of a catchphrase when it comes to getting guys over. Look what "YES!!" and "NO!!" did for Daniel Bryan. What "Excuse Me!" did for Vickie. What "WWWYKI" did for Zack Ryder. What Miz's "Really?" and "I'm the Miz, and I'm AWESOME" did for him. Catchphrases get guys over, period. If Ryback didn't have his Feed Me More chant, he wouldnt be nearly as over. Fans just enjoy it and it's gotten him huge reactions.

In the Attitude era everyone from Rock and Austin all the way down to Godfather and Val Venis had one. Before recently it had been a long time since anyone had a real catchphrase and it's nice to see them coming back.
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