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Default Re: Eagles fire Juan Castillo

Thats what makes Vick, Vick. He makes plays with his legs because few in the NFL can like he does. Gift and curse that comes with that and Reid knows it. He encourages Vick to take off if he thinks he can make the play. He doesnt tell him to sit in the pocket like Brady. He doesnt tell him to play it safe like Alex Smith. Its like people getting on Iverson for shooting 25-27 times a game. Yet no one says anything about the HC Larry Brown encouraging it. Plenty of clips where Brown is seen screaming keep shooting, keep shooting. Sucks Vick fumbles, but he's doing what comes natural and thats making a play with his legs. When pressure is around taking a sack, throwing it away seem to be options Vick battles. When to do it vs when to do what he naturally knows best and thats run and make something out of nothing.

His decision making, reading defenses has regressed when he first took over the job. The fumbles suck but they happen. I can live with those especially if you're trying to make a play. But the bad reads are bothersome. One play last Sunday where he was about to be sacked and off his back foot lofted the ball in the air. Why? Why did he do that I and many others asked. Had it had a lil more air under it? Thats an interception. Thats how close it was and how dumb of a play he made. He's done that more often this season than he has before taking over the job. I dont get it. Another play he threw the ball and good thing for the Lbs being clueless they let an interception go as Vick tried to fit a ball between defenders. Not even Rodgers could have made the throw and we know how accurate and quick he gets the ball off. So those plays where you cringe as more turnovers couldve result make me shake my head.

I dont want to excuse Vick for any blame. I'm just saying you cant blame him more than other areas on offense. If anything gets the most blame its Reid. Outside of that? Vick turnovers vs OC playcalling? Its a wash in my book. Both suck.
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