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Default Re: Small towns or Big cities?

I think I definitely prefer small cities at the moment. My family moved away from Detroit when I was in elementary school and I spent a lot of years plotting my ultimate return to the area. However, as I grew older (into my 20's) I began to appreciate a more laid back culture. Now I have a friends and family in the metro Detroit area and I'm cool with visiting, but that's about it. Things are just a little too busy for me there. Traffic sucks, nature is limited, and everything seems amped up a notch.

All that said, I like having access to city life. Ann Arbor's just about perfect in that regard. My family lives on the outskirts of the city, amongst the nature and trees and whatnot but if we ever want to hit up the town, we're five miles away.

The one thing I wish small towns had more of is people my own age. That's the drawback there. Small towns usually have a lot of families and whatnot but not single folks in their 20's running about. I think that's also why I tend to like small towns that have a college of some sort in its area. Younger folks are more likely to stick around, even post-grad, in those spots.
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