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Default Re: Eagles fire Juan Castillo

Originally Posted by niko
Right move, wrong timing. Preseason you can implement new defenses, during the season things don't go so well. There is a reason coaches don't get fired much during the season. I doubt this has the effect they want, the defense if they really change a lot will be disjointed.

I don't think there's anyone planning on a new scheme. This firing is a direct result of having a rock solid defensive game plan for 3 quarters Sunday, then abandoning it in the 4th quarter and allowing Detroit into that game. Nmandi had done a great job on Johnson all day, and the Birds hadn't blitzed, letting fat head Stafford make the same mistakes he makes in reading coverages weekly.

In the 4th Castillo rolled DRC to Calvin who absolutely killed him. He also brought blitzes from the defensive backfield, leaving receivers run that hand't had room to do so all day.

That said, whoever is running the offense did the exact same thing, going away from what had been a really solid halftime adjustment. They went to a quick passing game, negating the obvious edge the Lions D-line has over the Eagles O-line. Mixing in a nice screen game, they had the Lions line running and chasing. Suddenly, as soon as the game tightened marginally, it reverted to "Let's make some big plays downfield", with Vick holding the ball, turning his back to the play, wasting downs. In OT the possession went sack/sack/3rd & 31 throwaway.

You could see Castillo's adjustments were awful, but the same can be said for the other side of the ball.
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