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Default Re: Eagles fire Juan Castillo

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Its very simple. The Eagles are hard headed.. They like to play 'agressive' style on offense. They wanna jump out to big leads on other teams, and then let their d line loose on the opposing Qb for the rest of the day. But they have never figured out what to do when they fail to get out to a big lead. They have great gameplans for teams in their division, but outside of that? they look lost alot of times.

They were lucky when they had jim johnson and alot of those guys left over from the Ray Rhodes regime, but this is reid's creation, and while it is nice and sleek and dangerous, it's not hardly precise enough to win 11 - 12 games a year. If this team is gonna be so small in so many places (Qb, WR, D-line, O-line), then they need to be more methodical than they are.

Vick is not Brees like Gobb said, and now that Vick is the Qb (don't screw foles over by putting him in behind this line), they need to help him out by taking the ball out of hands more.

He did that sh*t at least 3 times that I remember on Sunday. Its totally unacceptable.

The sad thing is that I expect him to keep regressing if he keeps taking this kind of pounding week in and week out. Im mean he was getting destroyed out there in the 1st half

I was like

IMO you cant really go with Foles because the O-line isnt prepared to protect him when he has to throw it 50 times a game..

Andy simply needs to break himself and stop playing checkers and start playing chess. Run the ball. Implement more screen plays, and draws. Get defenses used to seeing you run the ball so when you go play action? they might actually bite, and Jackson might actually get open deep.

Agree with this.

And bolded should be the hard headed label you gave them. Stubborness comes to mind as another label to add. Not sure that pattern will ever change.
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