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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
They are backups man, and if these guys are so terrible based on last season, then they shouldn't be paid.

I also would love to see a quote that Kidd said he wants to start.

Kidd exact word was he is willing to do whatever the coach wanted, but he wanted to be in the game at the end of such.

And like i said, if you're cool with Kidd mentoring Lin, how was he gonna do it...from the bench in a suit?

Mentoring is "watch and learn".

Nash was gonna mentor Lin as well, was Lin gonna start over him too?

Kidd was gonna play, but my question to you Rameek is......

What does the team do if Lin got injured or just wasn't cutting it?

BTW Kidd most likely won't play more than 20, on average so what is the issue?

He only played 28 as a starter last year.

You're making it sound like these guys can't contribute, as bench players.

That's so wrong.
Bro someone doesnt have to play major minutes or play to be a mentor or give advice.

If Nash was going to come here Lin was going to the bench. But I dont care about that at all. Nash can still play and at a high level.

Can these guys contribute we'll see.... But I dont expect much from them because they are stiff and krusty.
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