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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

just read that minny's coach had another seizure after the game. he suffered one during a game last season. man, someone needs to tell him to find a less stressful situation....not worth risking your health like that.

anyway, read that les miles is 43-6 at home. 36-1 on saturday night games. fvcking nuts...death valley is where teams' hopes go to die.

also, anyone else tired of all the hype lattimore gets? dude's a good RB but they make it seem like he's on adrian peterson/trent richardson territory. lsu's defense really bottled him, one week after the gators gashed the same lsu team. i don't want to hear about the two LB's that had to miss some plays for lsu in that game. gators ran for 200+ yards and when they went into that sumo formation in the second half, they were destroying the tigers on the ground. gators were missing some starters too. i guess home field advantage makes that much of a difference to lsu.

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