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Default Re: Eurostep// Two-step

Originally Posted by DStebb716
ah, that actually might be it. i might be trying to oversell the first step. i'll have to try making it a tighter move.

It sounds like that may be the reason, make sure your really planting your foot down when you step as well

Originally Posted by Dstebb716
and to the guy who pointed out that it shouldn't matter: you're right, it doesn't matter if it's in a fastbreak, one-on-one situation but i'm talking more about when i break the lane on a drive and there are multiple people in the lane. probably not the best time for a eurostep, but that's generally the only time i think to use it because i'm mostly strong enough to just drive and finish on any one-on-one fastbreaks.

edit: thanks for the tips on this topic. been trying to master that, mainly because it looks beautiful if done right.

I think it matters, and honestly when i drive the lane and use the eurostep ill usually step towards the side the defender in front of me is on with the first and away on the second shielding the ball with my body on the way up. works normally for me

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